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Icknield Way Morris Men

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Icknield Way Morris Men (Home Page)

   The Vale
         Ancient Paths
         Tombs and Barrows
         Bronze-Age Hoard
         Uffington White Horse
      King Alfred
      Local Interest
      Pubs of the Vale

The Betley Window

         How Beer is Made: Wadworths
         Aldworth, The Bell Inn
         Appleton, The Plough
         Ashbury, The Rose & Crown Hotel
         Aston Tirrold, Chequers Inn
         Baydon, Red Lion
         Bishopstone, Royal Oak
         Blewbury, The Red Lion
         Charney Bassett, The Chequers Inn
         Childrey, The Hatchet Inn
         Coles Hill, Radnor Arms
         Denchworth, The Fox Inn
         East Hagbourne, Fleur de Lys
         East Hanney, The Black Horse
         East Hendred, Eyston Arms
         East Hendred, The Plough Inn
         East Hendred, The Wheatsheaf Inn
         East Ilsley, Crown & Horns Inn

         Eaton, The Eight Bells
         Faringdon, The Bell Hotel
         Faringdon, The Folly
         Fernham, The Woodman
         Gozzard's Ford, The Black Horse
         Grove, Bay Tree
         Grove, The Bell
         Grove, The Volunteer
         Hampstead Norris, White Hart
         Kelmscott, The Plough
         Kingston Lisle, The Blowing Stone
         Lechlade, The Trout
         Letcombe Regis, The Greyhound Inn

         Little Coxwell, The Eagle Tavern
         Longcot, The King & Queen
         Longworth, The Blue Boar
         Marcham, The Crown
         Newbridge, Rose Revived Inn
         Newbridge, The Maybush Inn
         Peasemore, Fox & Hounds
         Shippon, Prince of Wales
         Sparsholt, The Star Inn Hotel
         Stanford in the Vale, Horse & Jockey
         Stanton Harcourt, Harcourt Arms
         Steventon, Cherry Tree Inn
         Steventon, The Fox Inn
         Steventon, The North Star
         Stockcross, The Rising Sun
         Uffington, The Fox & Hounds
         Wantage, The Abingdon Arms
         Wantage, The Bear Hotel
         Wantage, The Kings Arms
         Wantage, Royal Oak Inn
         Wantage, The Shears
         Wantage, The Shoulder of Mutton
         Wantage, The Swan
         Watchfield, The Eagle Inn
         Watchfield, The Royal Oak
         West Hanney, The Lamb
         West Hanney, The Plough
         West Hendred, The Hare Inn
         West Ilsley, The Harrow
         Woolstone, White Horse Inn

      Folk Sessions  

         Charney Bassett, The Chequers
         Chipping Norton, The Fox Hotel
         Cricklade, White Lion
         Cumnor Cricket Club, Cumnor
         Ducklington, The Bell Inn
         East Hagbourne, Fleur de Lys
         Enslow, Rock of Gibraltar
         Fernham, The Woodman Inn
         Highworth, Rose & Crown
         Ifley, Prince of Wales
         Long Hanborough, George & Dragon
         Long Wittenham, The Plough Inn
         Oxford, Duke of Monmouth         Oxford, Lamb & Flag
         Oxford, The Chester Arm

         Oxford, The Half Moon
         Oxford, The General Elliot
         Purton, Royal George Inn
         Sparsholt, The Star Inn Hotel
         Steventon, Cherry Tree Inn
         Swanborough, The Freke Arms
         Swindon, The Beehive
         Swindon, The Running Horse
         Thrupp, The Boat
         Wallingford, The Cross Keys
         Wantage, The Abingdon Arms
         Wantage, The Shoulder of Muttton
         Wooton, Killingworth Castle Inn

   The Side
      Morris Dancing
      History of the Side
         Evolution of the Wyverns
      Joe Marns
      Present Officials
      Past Officials
      Current Side
         Greg Abel
         Harry Abel
         Pete Abel
         Pete Ambidge
         Mick Andrew
         David Andrews
         Len Ash
         Jim Birch
         Clive Blunt
         Richard Browning
         Steve Dagnall
         Martin Foster
         Jason Gallop
         Paul Gilman
         Tom Guest
         Rob Harper
         Bob Hart
         Bob Helm
         Ben Higgs
         Graham Hubbard

         Ian Hubbard
         Alastair Hutchinson
         Graham Lee
         Sam Mabbett
         Jonathan Marriott
         Pete Mcloughlin
         Ben Potter
         Ben Robinson
         Sem Seaborne
         Matt Smee
         Pete Smith
         Ray Springthorpe
         Kelvin Stanton
         Richard Stevens
         Steve Trinder
         Ian Weeden
         Simon Weston

      Old Boys  
         Steve Agnew
         Dan Allen
         Wayne Allen
         Jon Ambidge
         John Andrew
         Tony Archer
         Clifford Ashwin
         Phil Bowden
         Tom Bower
         Elliott Brady
         Adam Brown
         Phil Carmichael
         Ian Castle
         Terry Chivers
         Brian Cooper
         Simon Cooper
         Richard Cox
         Steve Cox
         Ryan Davies
         Stuart Dunbar
         Keith Elmore
         Brian "Dickie" Evans
         Ian Gillingham
         Alan Glashier
         Bill Gregory
         Matt Groves
         Kevin Harris
         Reg Hart
         Steve Hart
         Richard Heacock
         Ian Hermon
         David Horwood
         Derek Hunt
         Crawford Kingsnorth
         Andy Kurtzfeld
         Darren Kurtzfeld
         Nathan Kurtzfeld
         Jim Lyne
         Ben Mabbett
         Joe Marns
         James Mathews
         John May
         Michael McArdle
         Geoff Neil
         Brian O'Rourke
         Jason O'Rourke
         Simon O'Rourke
         Tony Paddock
         Colin Pearce
         Graham Pearce
         Daniel Pope
         Vic Puddick
         Dave Roberts
         Tony Roberts
         Pete Salmon
         Simon Saunders
         Paul Saveal
         Tim Sheldon
         Geoff Smith
         Paul Smith
         Dave Spray
         Glyn Stanton
         Matthew Stevens
         Trevor Stevens
         Mitchell Thomas
         Mike Trought
         Nick Tyndall
         Leslie Wade
         Mark Wade
         Robert Ward
         John Warren
         Charles Whitlock
         Bryan Wickham
         Tony Wickham
         Max Williams
         Arthur Wright
      The Mummers
         Mummers Revival
         Mummers Performance, 26th December 1999
         Mummers Performance, 26th December 2000
         Mummers Performance, 26th December 2002
         Mummers Performance, 26th December 2003
         Mummers Performance, 26th December 2004
         Mummers Performance, 26th December 2005
         Mummers Performance, 26th December 2006
         Mummers Performance, 26th December 2007
         Mummers Performance, 26th December 2008
         Mummers Performance, 26th December 2009
         Mummers Performance, 26th December 2010
         Mummers Performance, 26th December 2011
         Uffington Mummers
         Festival of Britain
         Organisations helped by the Wantage Mummers
      Photo Album  

         Folk Station
         Three Countries Tour
         Spires and Boden

         Squire's Wedding

         Shrivenham Fete
         Brightwalton Fete
         May Morning
         St George's Day
         Our Ale
         Oxford Folk Festival
         Future of the Morris

         Joe Marns - accordion lessons
         Abingdon Arms 2008
         Minnesota Morris
         Westminster Tour
         May Morning

         The Tudors
         2000 Years of Oxfordshire
         Rush Bearing
         Kennet/Icknield United in Marriage

         Lads Team Debut
         Wallingford BunkFest
         Saddleworth Rushcart Weekend
         Ring Meeting: Mendip
         Grove Scouts
         Newbury Festival
         May Morning
         St George's Day
         New Year's Day

         Lains Barn, New Years Eve
         Christmas Carols
         Ladies Night
         Yangtze Incident
         Ben's Wedding
         Daily Mail article
         Jigs Tour, Leeds


         Lains Barn, New Years Eve
         Crotals (Morris Bells)
         Geoff's Wedding
         Stanton Harcourt Tour
         Unicorns Race Night

         Dickensian Evening

         Morris 18-30 Weekend 

         Somerset Tour

         May Morning
         Scouring the White Horse
         Stanton Harcourt
         Christmas Carols

         Headington Instructional
         May Morning
         40th Anniversary
            album 1
            album 2
         Betterton House
         Millennium Party
         The Lads Team
         Crawford's Wedding

         On Tour
         Dickensian Evening

         Letter of Appreciation

         Post Practice Sessions
         Eyston Arms
         The Abingdon Arms
         The Kings Arms
         The Volunteer

         Revival Photos
         Old Boys

      Musical Instruments Book Icon  
         Instruments of the Morris
         English Concertina
         Anglo Concertina
         Whittle and Dub (Pipe and Tabor)

         Musicians Corner
         Alfred Titchcombe


      Field Town
      Stanton Harcourt

   Events Diary

   Hot Links

         Folk Clubs

         Morris Dancing
   What's New  


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