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Thread: Morris dancing 'extinction' fear

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    Morris dancing 'extinction' fear

    The BBC has had a load of mentions of morris today, including (on Radio 4) sections on PM and the 6 o'clock news. The Ring has been warning that we are a dying breed...

    Some of the discussion was about how to make the morris sexy, vibrant and attractive to young dancers. I'm just thinking that we need to show the world the sort of reactions some of our lads (I'm thinking the Abels) get from some of the younger female demographic. Oh, and wear our hoodies around the place to show how down with the kids we are!

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    I've just seen this 10 minute film on morris dancing's imminant demise (or not)...


    In summary... Cotswold is dying out but Greenwich are convinced that they'll be OK despite all but one of their men being over 50 as people are bound to join them from folded sides. The way forward is goth border sides because they are down with da kidz. Oh, and it was amusing to see the credit at the end to the "Morris Circle".

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    Angry Hoodies and Morris Appeal

    Just a note to Rob that hoodies on some chaps over 50 doesn't add that much to their appeal. It would make them look like Vincent Price in the Mad Monk's Return from the Grave.

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